Multi-Layer Insulation from NASA

A Grant is available for Multi-Layer Insulation for the replacement or improvement of home insulation.

Heat rises directly until it meats an obstruction. It will pass through traditional glass-fibre or mineral wool loft insulation with only at best, 20 percent of that heat being retained.

Also, heat contains moisture, so roofs are built to allow moisture to escape, unfortunately this also lets the valuable and expensive heat escape.

With modern living the amount of moisture we create cannot completely escape trapping dangerous condensation on the underside of the roof membrane and damaging roof timbers.

Multi-Layer is a thin multifoil insulation product with a built-in vapour control function and an unrivalled thermal performance, to be used on the warm side of the building fabric.

Multi-Layer Insulation provides dual properties within a single product: a vapour control layer and insulation, allowing a reducing in the thickness of the main insulation to achieve the same required U-value. It is designed to be airtight and reduce thermal bridging.

Multi-Layer insulation was invented by NASA over 60 years ago to keep astronauts warm in space where it can get as low as -170 degrees Celsius.

It can also get very hot in space. The Space Shuttle exterior would encounter temperatures as high as +1700 degrees Celsius when re-entering Earth orbit. With temperatures rising in the summer months, Multi-Layer insulation will reflect heat away from the roof avoiding the need for costly air-conditioning.

The side of the International Space Station pointing away from the Sun can be -150 degrees Celsius whereas the side facing the Sun can reach temperatures as high as +150 degrees Celsius. This unique duel purpose material will keep the heat in and the heat out.

Sometimes referred to as Space Blanket, this remarkable product is made up of layers of polyethylene between layers of heat reflecting aluminium, creating a product that is capable of keeping the heat in and at the same time keeping the cold or heat, out.

It is a product used today by the emergency services to protect the injured in cases of heat stroke where it is vital to lower the body temperature or conversely, by reversing the material, keeping heat in the body in cases of hypothermia.

Multi-Layer insulation is what our properties need to stop the tremendous loss of valuable heat. NASA invented, affordable and extremely versatile.

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